Space Tourism News

Beijing Banker Aims to Become China's First Female Space Tourist

BEIJING — Fifty years after the late Mao Zedong said communist China could not "even put a potato into space," a 41-year-old female banker is paying $100,000 for just a few minutes of weight [...] - Sep 23, 2014

Florida's 'Journey into Space' to Resume by 2017

This week, NASA announced new private-public partnerships to revive the American space programs with new manned space flight efforts by 2017. On Tuesday, at a media event at the Kennedy Space Cent [...] - Sep 18, 2014

Virgin Galactic again pushes back first space tourism flight

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – Virgin Galactic has again pushed back its time line for launching space-tourism flights from southern New Mexico’s Spaceport America. Virgin owner and British billio [...] - Sep 15, 2014

Space Tourism Market Bullish In China

Well-to-do Chinese business people are lining up for one-hour voyages into space, and tour operators say China is set to become the world's largest market for the incipient space tourism industry [...] - Sep 10, 2014

Space tourism set to take off?

With the emergence of the XCOR Lynx Mark II space shuttle, the notion of commercial space travel may not seem so far-fetched.This shuttle has the ability to take two people - a pilot and a passenger - [...] - Sep 01, 2014

Ticket sales for commercial space flights launched in Singapore

This is the first time US-based XCOR Space Expeditions, which develops commercial space shuttles, is launching the sale of tickets in Singapore. SINGAPORE: Flying into space is now with [...] - Aug 29, 2014

Hypersonic Travel: Can Space Tourism be a Possibility

On Monday, the U.S. aborted the testing of an experimental hypersonic weapon within minutes of its launch. Hypersonic speed is the science behind the technology of this weapon.It is said to be f [...] - Aug 27, 2014

Kiwi Astronauts Begin Space Training Programme

Nine Kiwi space tourists have embarked on a rigorous astronaut training programme to prepare themselves for their upcoming space flight on Virgin Galactic’s new extra-terrestrial service. Off [...] - Aug 26, 2014

Can the Private Space Industry Stabilize a Boom-and-Bust Economy ?

By early next year, alongside the sound of jets landing at the Midland International Airport, you might also hear sonic booms from space flights re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. This month, [...] - Aug 25, 2014