The Spaceports

Spaceport America

Spaceport America is the first public spaceport developed by the company Virgin Galactic. It is located in Las Cruces in the US state of New Mexico and will be dedicated to space tourism.


Designed by architect Norman Foster, the base has a 10,000-foot concrete runway, or 3,048 meters, “astronaut” preparation and mission control facilities and will accommodate up to five SpaceShipTwo shuttles (VSS Enterprise) and two White Knight Two transports.


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Spaceport Britain

Britain plans to build a commercial spaceport that would be used to carry out missions and launch commercial satellites. A list of 8 places that could host the spaceport, which would allow Virgin Galactic and the American company XCOR to carry out tourist flights in space, has been drawn up by the government and was announced at the Aeronautics Show in Farnborough 2014.


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